Zija FAQs

Q: What is in Zija?

A: Zija comes from the nutrient-rich Moringa Oleifera plant. It’s packed with over 90 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids (all of them) and omega oils, a host of phytonutrients, supreme antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found only in the Moringa plant. Included in the product are 30 grams of Moringa, natural flavor, citric acid, agar, acacia and ester gums, and fruit pectin; suspended in purified spring water.

Zija contains leaf powder, leaf puree, seed cake, fruit powder, and fruit juice harvested from organically grown Moringa Oleifera trees.

Zija is made from all natural and all Generally Recognized As Safe ingredients, is hypoallergenic, celiac tolerated, gmo free, gluten free, no preservatives or stabilizers whatsoever, low in naturally occurring sugars, fat free, trans fat free, hydrogenated fat free, no artificial coloring, no animal products, soy free, corn free, and wheat free.

Q: What can Zija do for me?

A: Many have reported improvements in digestion, vision, mental clarity, and overall well-being, plus a reduction in symptoms associated with fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and aging. Additional benefits have been noted, such as improved skin and positive mood. We believe you’ll feel a difference.

Q: How long does it take to feel a difference?

A: Zija was formulated in such a way to make the beverage completely bioavailable to the body. In other words, the body will absorb all of the nutrients contained in the Zija beverage. Zija is made from all natural ingredients that your body will recognize and utilize. Zija contains none of the things your body will not recognize or utilize in an efficient manner. Concentrates, artificial preservatives, and artificial sweeteners were purposely omitted from the formula as the body does not recognize these or which will be stored by the body as fats.

We have had people tell us they have noticed a difference in as little as 7-10 days. However, it is important to remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to Zija. If it takes a little longer to see the benefits of Zija, it will be worth it.

While most users feel a difference in a matter of days, our money back guarantee insures you receive a full product price refund if you do not feel a difference in 30 days.

Q: How is Zija manufactured?

A: One of the world’s most respected formulators created this potent combination of a blend of Moringa’s most nutrient-rich parts – the leaves, the fruit, and the seeds. Everything good about the plant is part of Zija. 100% natural. No chemicals, preservatives, or concentrates. Zija is processed using flash pasteurization, which brings the liquid to a certain temperature for a very short amount of time, then immediately sends it through a cooling process to ensure that none of the valuable nutrients are lost.

Q: Is Zija organic, and does it have preservatives?

A: Zija is confidently organic – the way Mother Nature intended. We do not include preservatives other than a high quality, natural preservative found in lemons and limes – citric acid. Unlike synthetic vitamins, Zija is a pure, all-natural source of nutrition. Shelf life of up to one year is expected, yet we recommend you drink Zija daily for optimum cumulative benefits.

Q: Are there any side effects I can expect?

A: Initially you may undergo a detoxification effect due to Zija’s high amount of chlorophyll as it removes toxins. Initially the detox effects may include a headache, upset stomach, or nausea. If that occurs, we recommend drinking 1/2 can of Zija per day for one week, until the detoxification side effects subside. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns. Each person is unique and responds differently to Zija, but most experience many varied health benefits.

Q: Why is Zija packaged in cans?

A: We chose the can for several reasons. Unlike glass, no foreign objects will ever get into the product and cause harm to the consumer. Cans provide a 100% light barrier that is essential to making sure the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds do not lose potency. The can has been safely coated with a food-use water-based coating approved by the FDA. The coating is on the total inside of the can, including the lid, and provides a safe contact barrier between Zija and the aluminum. Zija is very safe to drink packaged in aluminum cans.

Q: What sets Zija apart from other beverages and liquid dietary supplements?

A: Most liquid supplements are made from fruit juice concentrates. Research and analytical tests confirm that concentrates are essentially only sugar and flavor as the concentration process strips out 90% of the vitamins and minerals. Zija is the first commercially available beverage using all of the nutritious parts of the Moringa plant. Unlike synthetic vitamins, Zija is an all-natural dietary source of nutrients.

Q: Am I safe in drinking Zija packaged in aluminum cans?

A: Yes, Zija is very safe to drink packaged in aluminum cans. For over 20 years Ball Container has been safely coating aluminum cans with a water-based coating approved by the FDA for food uses. The coating is on the total inside of the can including the lid and provides a safe contact barrier between Zija and the aluminum.

20 thoughts on “Zija FAQs

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  2. Terrible Skeptic

    Just spoke with Zija a few days ago. “Darlene” at Zija Distributor Office said that Zija is NOT “Vegetarian” by claim, nor “100% Organic.” This is because some products, such as SMpm contain Stearic Acid which is nearly always an animal by-product and the “Natural Flavor” in the ingredients list is, by FDA regulation, just that – “natural” – which can mean ANIMAL, VEGETABLE or MINERAL.

    Correctly, the MORINGA IN Zija is 100% ORganic, but the PRODUCT as a whole is not. It contains additives (flavors, stearates and others) that are not organic and may not be of vegetable origin.

    Since I am HIGHLY allergic to many “Natural” products (seafoods – COMMON in “Kosher Gelatin” of which their capsules are made – Gelatin is ALWAYS ANIMAL product) and others, I had to discontinue my use of Zija because of symptoms of allergic reaction I had that they could not, but “proprietary” design (which I do understand), assure me were not from these additives.

    I feel badly for this, because I think the product is probably fantastic. MORINGA is certainly a extraordinary food/herb source. I hope that in the future Zija will become VEGAN so that ALL are able to partake of this product.

    Just letting others know my experience, which may or may not make any difference. I have personally asked that Zija label clearly which products ARE 100% Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. Time will tell….

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  3. Bernared Ong

    I am a professional network leader based in Singapore with huge networks in many countries in Asia. I am interested in this platform and would like a responsible, good sponsor to contact me through my email at bernardong2000@yahoo.com

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  4. Luke Anderson

    I am a Kentucky based distributor. Contact me at Gators_21@hotmail.com for more information or orders!

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  5. Hello and thank you for those who had visited my blog http://allnaturalremedy.blogspot.com.

    Please do come back for my update from time to time and share it with your friends. Your questions and suggestions are most welcome!

    Thank you,
    Florence Tsao

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  6. irvan

    What is the minimum order in a message ..?

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    Florence Tsao Reply:


    First of all, I think you should check if there’s any government regulation for Zija to be imported to your country.

    You can direct your other questions to the toll free # of Zija customer service.


    Florence Tsao

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  7. irvan

    hi..how do you order and what is the price..? i life in indonesia and how distribution in indonesia..?

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    Florence Tsao Reply:

    Hey Irvan,
    Currently, there’s no Zija in Indonesia. However, there are Zija in Australia, Philippines, and Japan.

    Perhaps, you could order Zija from distributor living in one of those countries and have Zija shipped to you from there later. The price is all in US$. You get whole sale price ($15 cheaper) if you become a preferred customer.
    Call toll free 1-866-913-9452 to ask customer service for more info and help.
    Hope this helps!

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    Anthony Reply:

    Pak Irvan,
    Ada berita baik! Zija baru buka di Indonesia. Coba Email saya di sg2699@yahoo.com Saya ingin bantu anda dapat manfaat dari produk2 zija.
    Dari Anthony

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  8. Jim

    I have been taking the Zija powder mix for a couple weeks. I started out with the “energy” kind, but found it made me a bit too jittery in the morning. I man drinking the regular (green package) powder mix where you drink 1/2 in the morning, then 1/2 in the afternoon. I do notice a “clarity” in my thinking and a nice feeling of well being. I had major surgery about 1 month ago and knowing I am getting all the nutrients I need is a good feeling.

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    Florence Tsao Reply:

    I have been taking Zija Moringa Smart Mix for two and half months. I have an amazing experience with the product and no side effects.
    I documented my story in a blog:
    http://allnaturalremedy.blogspot.com and welcome your comments.

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  9. Izabelle Dedominiccis

    Is it possible without Massive side effects, to drink the powder after eating in the morning? like if i forgot to make it before?

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  10. Feel free to contact me for information on Zija products or distributor options.

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  11. Zija is sold through independent distributors. If you would like more information or to order, please contactme. maggi at lifeforcezija dot com.

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  12. Penny Beaty

    How do you order and what is the price

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    Richard Kojima Reply:

    Can I purchase Zija drinks in So. California?
    How much does it cost?

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    Maria S. Reply:

    Sure, I am buying my drink online @ http://www.zijaproducts.com. I used to buy “SmartMix”, but later switched to “SuperMix” – it has double the nutrient content. A month supply (32 drinks in powder form) will cost $115 for retail customers and $99 for preferred customers — comes to a little over $3.00 per drink. (To become a preferred customer you have to opt into auto-reorder at the time of first purchase, but you don’t have to maintain that option — I turned my autoreorder “off” after I received my first box of “Supermix”, and now I am buying it only when I need it…)

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    Rosita Romero Reply:

    yes, I would like to now the price are?

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    Maria S. Reply:

    Zijaproducts.com lists retail prices. If you become preferred customer you will pay about 15% less.

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